Codonics: SLS Safe Label System


Safe, Compliant, Fast Medication Labeling Anywhere Syringes Are Prepared.

Codonics SLS Safe Label System is a complete solution for safe, compliant, fast labeling of medication in the operating room, or anywhere syringes are prepared. This innovative system improves the syringe preparation workflow by automatically printing ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) compliant full-color labels containing all TJC (The Joint Commission) required elements while the syringe is being filled. Simply scan a vial and SLS provides both visual and audible confirmation of the medication name and strength (concentration), and automatically prints the ready-to-apply label. Each label includes a configurable data-rich barcode that can be used to integrate into the Anesthesiology Information Management System (AIMS) or a broader hospital information system.

Improve Patient Safety

Multiple distractions and poor handwriting greatly contribute to the chance an anesthesiologist could get drug vials confused or put the wrong label on a drug. The Codonics SLS 500i is an electronic double-check that helps to remove the element of human error by incorporating machine-readable technology, greatly reducing the three most common drug errors made in the O.R.

Patient Safety Features

  • • Visual and audible confirmation of each drug name and concentration
  • • Visual and audible indication of non-usable drugs
  • • Configurable formulary of site-specific medications available with purchase of the SLS Administration Tool software license
  • • Automatic calculation and labeling of expiration

Safety Features Possible When Integrated with an AIMS

  • • Identification of each syringe to be administered
  • • Warnings for expired syringes when scanned
  • • Warnings for patient allergies or adverse drug interactions

Features and Benefits

  • • Labels include all elements of the TJC requirements, ASA color and content guidelines
  • • SLS medication labeling content has been designed to meet the intent and guidelines for all drug classes as defined by ISO 26825 and ASTM 4774 standards
  • • Print labels for IV lines, invasive monitor lines, and other operating room needs on-demand
  • • Functions stand-alone and can be integrated into the workflow of most AIMS

FDA cleared to market per 510(k) K101439, Class II. Patent Pending.

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