Oakworks Accessories

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Spine Positioning System II

Integral component of the pain management suite. Improves visualization of the necessary anatomic landmarks for safe and accurate spinal injections. Solves imaging, stability and patient comfort issues associated with spine procedures.

Carbon Fiber Arm Board

Fully radiolucent, 180º range of motion, Compatible with all tables

Fluoro Extender

Made of a cost effective radiolucent material - polycarbonate. Shape is conducive to a variety of table placement applications. 30" wide x 23.5" long x 1/4" thick.

Oakworks Prone Pillow

Superior patient positioning for any size/shape patient. Soft contact surfaces offer exceptional support. Design has large vent areas for easy breathing.

Universal Paper Roll Holder

Arm Hammock

Provides comfort with natural feeling support for prone forward arm positioning especially for long term treatments. Adjustable to accommodate all patients. Solves awkward feeling that patients get when not knowing where to place their arms

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