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MRI Fowler Back Stretcher

Comfortably accommodates patients for prolonged periods

MRI Stretcher

An ideal unit for MRI patient transport

MRI Wheelchair

Accommodate almost any patient size

MRI Safety Step Stool

Offers maximum stability and patient support.

MRI IV Stand

Features a heavy weighted base for stability and two positive non-slip hooks.

MRI Hamper

This hamper is both durable and clean in its design.

Superscan Ear Plugs

These convenient, plugs are ideal for those high-decibel procedures.

Superwand Hand-Held Metal Detector

Provides uniform sensitivity 360° ¼ along the scan area.

MRI Danger Signs

Available in both Spanish and English.


Positioning Wedges

Designed to position extremities, they can accommodate almost every conceivable position needed, including skulls, hips and spines.

Easy Mover

Semi-rigid and radiolucent, the Easy Mover allows the patient to remain on the board during imaging procedures.

Mattress/Table Pad

Virtually indestructible, the Table Pad is ideal for all patient handling applications. The Table Pad is a high density 1" polyurethane foam that ensures patient comfort by insulating from cold, hard table surfaces.

Arm Support Strap

Reduces patient fatigue. Holds patients still during long procedures.


Powder Free Radiation Attenuating Gloves

Reduced exposure, freedom of movement, natural latex free.

NEW Clear-Lead™ Mobile Barriers

Ionizing Radiation Protection - Clear-Lead™ Mobile Barriers offer large, durable and shatter resistant protection wherever it's needed.

NEW Clear-Lead™ Windows

Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Figleaf Gonad Shields

Proper shielding is vital to any woman of childbearing age and her offspring..

Sof-Skin Coat Apron

This comfortable, supple, protective apron is a pleasure to wear. The lead vinyl core is totally sealed in a tough, easy-to-clean, chemical, abrasion and aging resistant outer covering that is more pliable and lighter than standard lead rubber aprons.


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