Who we are...

Highland USA has been a trusted healthcare distributor for 20 years. Partnering with Ziehm Imaging, Codonics and EOS Imaging, Highland USA is dedicated to providing cutting edge, innovative healthcare technology to the midwest region of the United States.

Ziehm currently holds 80% market share in Europe and with our help is rapidly expanding to the U.S. market with ground-breaking technological innovation. Ziehm Imaging currently is the global leader in mobile C-arm technology. EOS Imaging holds Nobel Prize-winning detection technology and is the front-runner in orthopedic imaging. Codonics provides safe, fast, compliant medication labeling in the operating room.

Highland USA is helping to bring all of this extraordinary innovation to the Midwest Region of the United States. Together we are providing new technology that is light-years ahead of the competition. With Highland USA and it's partners we can provide medical professionals with a safer, faster, cost effective, accurate and more efficient way to treat patients.

Why Highland USA?

  • Highland USA has everything you need.
  • Service and Support
  • Trained Experts
  • Demos and Setup
  • 1-800 number support
  • Exclusive rights to state of the art technology
  • Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy and Experienced

What we offer

  • Flat Panel Detectors
  • C-Arm technology that beats competition
  • Disposables
  • Tables
  • 3D Imaging Technology
  • FDA Approved Technology
  • Patient Safety Handling Equipment
  • Robotic Surgical Equipment

Connie Highland | Owner

Jeff Hallett | Account Executive